Sam Adams

I have a 1 year old female German Shepherd that was pretty much out control. Bob came out to my house for four lessons and he taught her to sit, stay, down, heel and come. She is leash trained and I am very happy with Bob’s work. I highly recommend Bob.

Richard at Neo German Shepherds

Bob at Bob Holmes Dog Training is the only trainer I recommend.  He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled.  His methods are conventional, recognized and proven.  Bob is well respected in the pet professional and dog training community and recognized as a Master Dog Trainer.  He has certification to prove his training and is not some kid who is employed by a national pet store as a trainer.  I highly recommend Bob for anyone who wants off lead control of their dog.

Theresa Mitchell

Bob trained our German Shepherd Dog, Boss.  Bob was very professional and knowledgeable.  Boss had some behavior problems that were corrected through training.  We had off leash control of Boss by the third lesson.  I strongly recommend Bob Holmes Dog Training to anyone that wants their dog trained.
Noel Eckberg

I contacted Bob because my Basset Hound was aggressive toward me and my husband.  He would bite me and was destroying the furniture in our home.  We had to block off rooms in the house.  He was very aggressive and I was afraid of him.  I couldn’t get him in his crate without him attacking me.  Bob came out and while the results weren’t immediate (Bob told us there would probably be a period of challenging), by the second week the aggression was gone.  My dog will crate up on command and I am no longer afraid of him.  Bob taught us how to train our dog as well as how to present ourselves to him.  We were going to have to get rid of our dog, but now we have a pet.

Patsy Baldwin and Suzy Mobley

My sister and I each have a dog.  Whenever the dogs were together there was ALWAYS an aggressive incident betwen them.  We always had to keep them separated, which was difficult and not fair to them, as we would kennel one, then the other.  We bought multiple books, and followed instructions on aggressive behavior.  After six months of no improvement, my sister went on line and read Bob Holmes credentials, o.k. lets try this.  His first visit, both dogs out TOGETHER, no kennel for either one.  We were amazed. He has shown us how to command, the order of command and most of all consistency.  We now have fun weekends at the beach, or bbq’s in back yard without one of them in the kennel.  They still are not drinking buddies, but they both can be in the same saloon……..KUDOS BOB.  We highly recommend Bob Holmes to anyone having behavior problems or training needs with their dogs.