Basic to Service Dog Training in Montgomery and the Woodlands, TX

A dog can be a wonderful and fun addition to any family. However, to ensure that both your family and the dog enjoy the happiest relationship possible, enroll your dog in dog training. Whether you have a lively new puppy, rescue dog you want to help rehabilitate, or need service dog training, K9 Obey Dog Training is here for you. We serve The Woodlands and Montgomery, TX, areas.

K9 Obey Dog Training offers a variety of dog training classes and levels to meet your needs. Discover more about them below.

Bob Holmes can provide the dog training that is just right for your dog. With extensive experience, he is a highly recommended trainer with veterinarians, dog kennels, groomers, rescued groups, and breeders throughout The Woodlands and Montgomery, TX, areas. Whether your dog has behavior issues or needs specialized training, you can rely on Bob to help your dog.

Call K9 Obey Dog Training today at (281) 681-8833. We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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K9 Obey is happy to offer training packages for school fund raisers and events and is proud to be a contributing member of the local community.

Level I – Puppy Training. The basics of obedience and house manners.
Level II – Adolescent Training. Basic obedience mastered with emphasis on off leash control.
Level III – Advanced and Protection Training. Off leash control with first command obedience. Alert on command or to a valid threat.
PTSD Service Dog Training – Training for Handlers/Owners requiring PTSD “service dogs” as defined by Texas and Federal law. Dogs must be well behaved in public and not respond to distractions.