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At K9 Obey Dog Training, we believe that the key to a well behaved pet is Obedience Training. Obedience Training not only teaches the basic commands, but it also establishes the hierarchy. Dogs are instinctively pack oriented animals, and will generally challenge for the position of authority until the hierarchy (owner at the top) is established and maintained. Generally, a dog’s main priority in life is to elevate its personal social status, making it essential for the owner to maintain the role of “Leader of the Pack.”When proper Obedience Training is introduced to the pet, most problem behaviors simply disappear within a week or two.  This includes, but is not limited to, aggression, jumping, digging, house manners, barking and chewing. If behavior problems continue, they can be addressed individually.

Owning a dog should be a pleasant experience, not a burden. An obedient pet is a happy pet. At K9 Obey Dog Training, we are committed to offering a service that will make our clients have a positive and harmonious relationship with your dog.

We are currently serving The Woodlands, Spring, North Houston, Magnolia, Montgomery, Conroe and Tomball.